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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
MondayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
MondayTC121Mbeya Airport (TZ)10:00
MondayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
MondayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)12:20
MondayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
MondayTC131Mwanza Airport (TZ)16:25
MondayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:15
MondayTC215Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:15
MondayTC123Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:40
MondayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
MondayTC105Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)21:40
MondayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
TuesdayTC2401Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)09:54
TuesdayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
TuesdayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
TuesdayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
TuesdayTC130Tabora Airport (TZ)12:21
TuesdayTC211Prince Said Ibrahim Internatonal Airport (KM)14:10
TuesdayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
TuesdayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:15
TuesdayTC212Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)20:00
TuesdayTC137Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)17:00
TuesdayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
TuesdayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
TuesdayTC125Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)23:59
WednesdayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
WednesdayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
WednesdayTC133Songea Airport (TZ)09:50
WednesdayTC121Mbeya Airport (TZ)10:00
WednesdayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)12:20
WednesdayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
WednesdayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:21
WednesdayTC137Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)17:00
WednesdayTC123Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:40
WednesdayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
WednesdayTC105Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)21:40
WednesdayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
WednesdayTC125Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)00:12
ThursdayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
ThursdayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
ThursdayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
ThursdayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)12:20
ThursdayTC130Tabora Airport (TZ)11:50
ThursdayTC211Prince Said Ibrahim Internatonal Airport (KM)14:10
ThursdayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
ThursdayTC131Mwanza Airport (TZ)16:25
ThursdayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:15
ThursdayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
ThursdayTC121Mbeya Airport (TZ)19:30
ThursdayTC105Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)21:40
ThursdayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
FridayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
FridayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
FridayTC121Mbeya Airport (TZ)10:00
FridayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
FridayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)12:20
FridayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
FridayTC212Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)18:10
FridayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:15
FridayTC215Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:15
FridayTC123Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:50
FridayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
FridayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
FridayTC125Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)23:50
SaturdayTC2401Chhatrapati Shivaji Int. Airport (IN)10:29
SaturdayTC109Dodoma Airport (TZ)08:40
SaturdayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
SaturdayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
SaturdayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)12:20
SaturdayTC130Tabora Airport (TZ)11:50
SaturdayTC211Prince Said Ibrahim Internatonal Airport (KM)14:10
SaturdayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
SaturdayTC131Mwanza Airport (TZ)16:25
SaturdayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:10
SaturdayTC137Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)17:00
SaturdayTC105Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)21:40
SaturdayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
SaturdayTC125Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)00:19
SundayTC111Mwanza Airport (TZ)09:40
SundayTC133Songea Airport (TZ)09:50
SundayTC135Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)09:40
SundayTC127Kigoma Airport (TZ)10:56
SundayTC101Mwanza Airport (TZ)15:40
SundayTC107Mbeya Airport (TZ)17:15
SundayTC212Kenneth Kaunda Int. Airport (ZM)20:00
SundayTC215Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)18:15
SundayTC119Dodoma Airport (TZ)19:10
SundayTC123Kilimanjaro International Airport (TZ)19:54
SundayTC105Zanzibar Int. Airport (TZ)21:40
SundayTC103Mwanza Airport (TZ)23:10
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
TC125 on 09/2021
TC125 on 08/2021
TC133 on 07/2021
TC107 on 06/2021
TC107 on 06/2021
TC107 on 05/2021
TC107 on 04/2021
TC107 on 04/2021
TC119 on 04/2021
TC105 on 03/2021
TC105 on 02/2021
TC123 on 02/2021
TC135 on 02/2021
TC105 on 02/2021
TC135 on 02/2021
TC123 on 02/2021
TC215 on 02/2021
TC105 on 02/2021
TC215 on 02/2021
TC123 on 02/2021
TC123 on 01/2021
TC135 on 01/2021
TC105 on 01/2021
TC125 on 01/2021
TC215 on 01/2021
TC137 on 01/2021
TC125 on 01/2021
TC135 on 01/2021
TC215 on 01/2021
TC123 on 01/2021
Temperature: 21°C
Humidity: 94%
Wind: SSE at 7km/h
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Thu 23rd September

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