Flight delay certificate: terms and conditions

Purpose of the service
The purpose of this service is to provide Internet users with a certificate of flight delay in PDF format.

The price of the certificate is indicated in local currency and in euros (EUR), net amounts. It amounts to €8 (TZS 23 078).

Delivery time
Flight delay certificates are usually generated in less than 48 hours on the working days after receipt of the payment. Depending on the number of requests or the type of flight concerned, delays can go up to 96H.

Payment terms
Payment methods: Paypal payment (worldwide), Western Union (in countries covered by this transfer system). The generation of the certificate begins only upon receipt of the payment. In case of Western Union transfer, you must go log in the system with your reference and your password to provide us with the number MTCN and your identity to allow us to recover your payment.

Failure to provide a certificate
If the flight you have indicated has not been delayed or if, for a specific reason (eg some rare unscheduled flights), we are unable to determine the actual time of arrival, you will be refunded fully in case of payment Paypal. You will also be refunded in the event of a Western Union payment, with transfer fees deducted from the amount returned. Flights older than one year (365 days) can no longer be the subject of a delay certificate.

Right to retract
The nature of the service provided by the certificates does not qualify for a right of retractation.

The information contained in the certificate is generated from data recorded by SEDAR SYSTEMS and comes from international air navigation systems, airports and airlines. The certificate is delivered by Juriscript France, 4 cour de l'écu, 03100 Montluçon, France.

All personal data are considered confidential. The information required to process requests will be subject a backup. Your details are neither communicated nor sold to third parties.

Information in the certificate
The family name, first name and address of the passenger, the information of authenticity of the certificate (allowing third parties to come check on DarEsSalaamAirport.com that the certificate is authentic), the information on the scheduled and actual departure and arrival times (in local time) and the date of issue.

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